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India is a significant player in the global education market and boasts one of the world's most extensive networks of higher education institutions with room for further improvement.

With 26.31 % of India's population aged 0 to 14 and more than 500 million in the age group 5-24, the education sector presents significant potential. There are several avenues for students to study and engage in their preferred subject of study. 

The Indian education system aims to emerge as the single largest provider of quality education globally, thus offering extensive investment opportunities for global players.

Reasons for Investing

  • The Indian education sector is predicted to be valued at 225 billion USD in the next five years
  • India has the largest number of school-going children in the world, with over 250 million students
  • 2.67% of the Indian central government's expenditure allocated to the Indian education industry
  • A 38% growth prediction in combined learning and training methods with game-based education.
  • After the United States, India has become the second-largest market for e-learning.
  • In 2021, applications for the "Study in India" project grew by 146%.
  • Indian government allows for 100 FDI in the automatic route for the education sector
  • FDI equity inflow for the education sector is currently 4.5 million USD
  • Beijing's recent ed-tech restrictions have made India a hotspot for investors and further boosted the Unicorn businesses

Industry Growth Factors

  • One of the world's most extensive networks of higher education institutions with a technology-backed transformative approach
  • Increased Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of students
  • High English proficiency allows easy delivery of ed-tech products
  • Increased focus on education of migrant children in the post-pandemic scenario
  • Steps to minimize the gender-based and social disparity and boost digital learning as part of the United Nation's E9 initiative
  • The National Digital Educational Architecture (NDEAR) by the Government of India emphasizes strengthening the digital education infrastructure
  • The Indian ed-tech market is predicted to experience a five-fold growth in the next few years as domestic service providers form joint ventures with foreign investors
  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) by the government focusing on skill development


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