• Welcome to Team India Global Services Private Limited

Market Research:

To lay down a diversifying business landscape, all-encompassing market research is needed as a crucial tool. TIGS’s USP lies in enhancing this tool many folds to fuel your business endeavor in domestic and global markets. We conduct market research after deciding on your research goals to take action on your data, and:

  • We do market assessment including market size, growth avenues, competitor positioning, consumer dynamics, and business potential in the country.
  • We will do the business and market research for detailed market insights by combining our unique primary and secondary research processes.
  • We liaison with the respective government agencies to establish and ascertain the regulatory compliances
  • Knowing the core and direction of your business, we help you formulate an entry strategy that attracts your prospects in the very first go
  • We carry out SWOT analysis viz a viz market competitor to give you an edge over your competitors

Partner Search:

Effective partner synergies are imperative to find the right equilibrium in any industrial spectrum – domestic or global. Leveraging our vast network and years of experience, we find you the partners that help you achieve your business goals and generate desired revenues.

  • Selection of the right partner which will help expansion into the India market.
  • Our end-objective lies in creating a backbone for the company through a sound supply chain network
  • The execution includes garnering a swift network of distributors and sellers, which is a must to survive in a competitive market
  • During the search, we analyse the following key aspects of prospective partners:
    • Type of a company
    • Incorporation of company
    • Annual revenues
    • Number of employees
    • Locational benefits