• Welcome to Team India Global Services Private Limited


TIGS is more than a research and consulting firm. We are a flexible and agile organization dedicated to developing and delivering customized client solutions.

  • Combination of industrial talent and advanced technology for arriving at unique market solutions.
  • A time-tested process flow with a problem-solving approach at its core.
  • Integrated software to give the most exemplary results in day-to-day operations or reporting to clients.
  • Facilitate our clients with the insights and foresight to succeed in global markets. 
  • Strong local market knowledge and intuition acquired from decades of operating in India.
  • Our core beliefs include integrity, collaboration, trust, and quality, making our client relationships long-standing with a proven track record of demonstrated results.
  • Always available to assist new and existing clients in different time zones across the world.
  • TIGS commits to engagement as per available bandwidth and provides best-in-class competence to our clients.