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All ideas, efforts, and actions that contribute to your business expansion and retention, offered in one place. Choosing the right business approach as per your vision for boosting revenue, business expansion, and maximizing profitability via forming strategic alliances and implementing foresighted business choices.

Lead Generation

TIGS will act as representative of your organization across India for investment lead generation of interested companies willing to invest/expand in your state, county, region, etc.

  • Identification of prospects for investment promotion based on the company's market presence, export orientation, etc.
  • Proactive contact with prospects to introduce the organization and the benefits of investing in the region
  • Meeting with the relevant individuals in-charge for overseas expansions
  • Detailed benefits and incentives of expanding in the region through industry-specific presentations and other marketing materials
  • Introduction of interested companies to relevant contacts in the organization that will facilitate their expansion process.
  • Offering Assistance in getting an Investor Visa to those individuals who are willing to do investment in the foreign countries.

Data Building

  • To find Research for an exact or close match database based on your product or service needs
  • Verification and modification of old databases to enable access to the right person in the organization 

Tender Participation

  • TIGS helps in bidding process in the Indian center/state/public sector tenders by coordinating the liaison works with the government.

Data Collection

  • Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
  • Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI)
  • DYADS/TRAIDS in user research to facilitate alternate perspectives.
  • Field interviews, focus group discussions and mystery shopping, etc.