• Welcome to Team India Global Services Private Limited

Team India Global Services Private Limited is one of the few economic development consulting companies in India.

Backed by local market knowledge and strategic expertise, TIGS can successfully represent global Economic Development Organizations (EDO’s) such as state, country, regional bodies, non-profit organizations, etc. in India.

TIGS can be the India office for globalEDOs to nurture international trade and investment opportunities.

Key services offered:


  • Market research and consulting services for organizations of your region or respective EDOs which are seeking India as an attractive export destination for their products/services.
  • Assistance in finding the right local trade partner (Importers, agents, distributors, dealers, etc.) as per the organization's requirements.


  • Promote the client's location as an attractive investment destination for the Indian investor community.
  • Showcase business climate information to attract potential Indian investors looking for skilled labor and competitive cost.
  • Communication with the worldwide team on a regular and timely basis to keep them updated