• Welcome to Team India Global Services Private Limited

If you are seeking India as an attractive market but struggling with figuring out the local market dynamics, you are at the right place!

Before you enter into the Indian market, we know you must be hesitant about the market and its dynamics. Well, we make our clients to overcome that; because we understand before you make any necessary investments you should investigate and test the water with limited investment

TIGS is committed to assisting organizations in overcoming their most complex business expansion challenges.

Launch Station (In-Country Representation)

Your Trusted Partner for In-Country Representation in India

  • Help global firms overcome roadblocks in venturing out into the Indian markets. 
  • Understanding your business vision for India and laying the way forward with initial micro-investments.
  • End-to-end project management as per defined scope.
  • Office infrastructure and workforce allocation to perform and oversee the business functions.
  • Periodic reporting of progress and timely delivery of results.
  • Elimination of hassle in creating local representation, recruiting local employees, handling compensation, and so forth.
  • Assist in decision-making to set up your long-term presence in the country post project completion.

Starting a Business (Company Incorporation)

Helping Companies Succeed in India Through Pre- and Post-incorporation Phase. 


  • Entity formation: Setting up Liaison Office, Project Office, Branch Office, Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Joint Venture Company, LLP, etc., in compliance with Indian procedures
  • Obtaining local registrations, permits, licenses, etc., independently and directly from the Indian authorities
  • Assist in setting up a bank account in the country
  • Intellectual Property (I.P.) protection (Trademark, formulation, etc.) of the products you want to engage in
  • Statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Property search and contract

Post- Incorporation

After registration, TIGS ensures that the client is fully prepared to conduct legal business in India. TIGS will now assist in following day-to-day activities and will manage the filing of periodic reports to the Indian government

  • Book-keeping
  • Banks Management
  • Periodic Account Reports
  • Annual Report
  • Manage Company Taxation
  • Administer Annual Statutory Requirements
  • Direct Tax Compliance: Income Tax and Corporation tax
  • Indirect Tax Compliance: GST, VAT, Service tax and Other Local State Taxes
  • Payroll Services
  • Accounting Software
  • Executive Recruitment, etc

Market Capability Research

The complex Indian market has diverse regions consisting of millions of small, medium, and family-owned businesses. 

TIGS helps to tap into the local market potential by the following steps:

  • Complete Market Assessment: Includes market size, growth avenues, competitor positioning, consumer dynamics, and business potential in the country. 
  • Acquiring Market Share: Help achieve better market share and tap into future expansion opportunities by delivering the following:
    • Ad Hoc Report
    • Market Potential Reports
    • Periodic Reports
    • Industry Report
    • Company Profile
    • Country Report
    • Industry Newsletters, etc.

Due diligence

Any overseas trade agreement with the company - distributor, agent, importer, individuals, etc., requires verification of the credibility of facts and figures beforehand.  TIGS has it covered for you!

  • Evaluation of Proper Infrastructure, Certifications, and Capabilities
  • Cross-checking of Shared Business Information
  • Identifying Possible Deal-breakers 

Business Advocacy 

  • Promotion and advocacy of all types of businesses across various industry verticals in India.
  • Assist clients in overcoming trade barriers, unfair trade practices, bureaucratic problems, regulatory issues, etc. 
  • Combine the power of networking and resource development to offer customized solutions for diverse business demands.

Strategy and Business Planning

  • Strategic solutions for complex business problems with deep market insights and foresight.
  • Long-term business planning in alignment with client's short-term goals, decision dependencies, and long-term vision

Legal Services

TIGS deals with a great network of highly qualified legal advocacy principles in India and outside India.

By employing the services of qualified and skilled lawyers, we help our clients work on the following legal projects:

  • I.P., Trademark, and Patents
  • Trade Compliance
  • Technology Licensing
  • Cross-Border M&A
  • JVS and Strategic Alliances
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Inbound and Outbound Investment
  • Contracts Drafting and Vetting
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Labor Compliance, etc.