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In terms of income and employment, healthcare has become one of India's most important industries.

The Indian healthcare industry is extremely diverse, with potential in every category, including providers, payers, and medical technology.

Hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment are part of the Indian healthcare industry. The public and private sectors of India's healthcare delivery system are expanding rapidly.

Reasons for Investing

  • The enormous pool of well-trained medical personnel offers a competitive investment edge.
  • The health sector accounts for 29.5% of total gross revenue in the country
  • The Indian government has announced an incentive program worth 500 billion to boost the country's health infrastructure
  • Indian government plans on increasing the public healthcare fund to 2.5% of the country's GDP
  • India also offers vast opportunities in R&D as well as medical tourism.

 Industry Growth Factors

  • Indian population has become increasingly health-conscious
  • Growing middle-class income drives the boost in health insurance coverage needs
  • Market growth is driven by rising income, health consciousness, and lifestyle diseases
  • Availability of high-end diagnostic services, with significant capital investment in modern diagnostic facilities
  • Increase in the number of lifestyle-related conditions and registered doctors
  • Improved insurance coverage, services, and increased spending by both public and private entities
  • Growing opportunities in the R&D segment and medical tourism


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